Song of the South Slavs. Karaoke


Song of the South Slavs. Karaoke



During the Bosnian conflict 90s national patriotic songs were very popular among local people on all sides involved in the war. Professional pop and amateur artists recorded and filmed a huge number of songs and video clips. For a people who didn’t know the intricacies and peculiarities of the region, these songs and videos merge together. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine what side belongs certain video. Their stylistic features seen only at the lyrics. The melodies and the pictures are almost identical to opposite side of the conflict.

In this project I interplay with the music archives of war.

The first part of the project – I made a translation of 2 main songs of this conflict and I made a karaoke version of these songs. Exhibition visitor can select the audio track (Serbian or Bosnian version) of video. this songs.