Non-trivial reflexion


Non-trivial reflexion



Когда в Украине стартовала очередная предвыборная гонка, я задался вопросом, а как местные жители представляют себе систему избирательного права.

Дать что то большее кроме голоса. Каждый может быть художником.

A snap parliamentary election to  Verkhovna Rada took place in the Ukraine on 26th of October. Voter activity in the Odessa region was the lowest in the history of Ukraine. I have visited 15 polling stations. In each of them I talked to people who have just voted and asked them to transfer their decision into the paper (simply to draw their choice). By asking this I appealed to subconscious of those people. First of I was interested in understanding the individual perception of the electoral process.  I was also interested in collective image of the ideal political force.

The project consists of photo and video materials documenting the process, and directly of most pictures in the amount of 25 sheets. The project was shown in Odessa, in April 2015, as a part of my personal exhibition “Sore”