Malevich by Karabinovich


Malevich by Karabinovich


Malevich by Karabinovych

The works presented in «Malevich by Karabinovich» project – is a research of classical avant-garde artist heritage, its a endeavour of the forgotten ways of art progress. Suprematism became an element of pop culture. This project – an attempt to look at this phenomenon with the new optics, the attempt to inhale and return mystical component. This is a game in classics, postmodernist connection meanings and forms. Important aspect of the project concept is that after the work was done, they were consecrated by a priest of the Orthodox temples of Odessa. Extremely geometric composition suddenly come alive and flow. They streaming myrrh as in orthodox iconography. This is combination of accident and scrupulousness. Elements of trending post-graffiti and fancy «glitch» effect.


All works were made in 2010
15 paitings, acrylic on canvas.

This project was presented in Odessa, at art space “Tea Factory”.